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Our expert advisors at Timeshare Advice are trained and experienced in giving advice in relation to your timeshare ownership, extrication from your timeshare, how to best make use of the timeshare that you own and any other general questions in respect of your contract signed with timeshare resorts the world over.

There was a ruling passed in the Spanish Supreme court in 2015 which deemed that the many timeshare contracts had been in breach of certain aspects of contract law and therefore in the last few years, there have been many successful claims made against timeshare resorts in which the client has received a refund or compensation claim to compensate their loss.

Our blog may be the first point of reference for you; here we have many articles that explain different issues that timeshare owners go through with their resort, both good and bad.  However, you may find it easier to speak to one of our friendly advisors who will be able to answer your questions there and then.

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Timeshare Regulations and Loopholes

Timeshare Regulations and Loopholes

On the 23rd February 2011 the Member State European Directive 2008/122/EC was implemented, replacing the now outdated directive of 1994.  The new Directive meant that consumers had far greater protection against the fraudulent timeshare scams they had been...

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Everything You Weren’t Expecting – Timeshare

Everything You Weren’t Expecting – Timeshare

When you book your holiday online or at the travel agent your heart is generally filled with glee and pleasure at the prospect of your upcoming well-deserved break. You may have booked a holiday to Florida, the Mexican Rivera, Las Vegas or many other destinations all...

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