There has been a rise in ‘expert’ timeshare exit companies popping up lately, promising to assist in the extrication of timeshare contracts and claiming compensation for those agreements that have been mis-lead and mis-sold. Unfortunately, not all of these ‘experts’ are reputable and could turn out to be a scam and not have your best interests at heart. If you are looking to make a legal claim with regards to your timeshare, you need to make sure that you hire the services of a reliable timeshare exit expert. To help you tell the difference between the good and the bad, Timeshare Advice have compiled some of the things that a reputable company will refuse to do.

The old saying ‘there are no guarantees in life’ is certainly true when either looking to exit your timeshare or claiming compensation. So, if a timeshare exit ‘expert’ promises you a win, be very wary. Do not trust anyone if they make a guarantee, even if it seems like you have a clear cut case.

An honest timeshare exit expert will thoroughly read through your timeshare agreement and explain the details which assist in achieving success. They may advise you of the chances of winning your case but they will never guarantee a win. Each new case is different from the last and in turn, each case will be assessed on its own merit.

Many timeshare companies will have their own team of ‘lawyers’ working with them and may encourage you to seek their advice once you have told them that you are unhappy and are seeking to claim compensation. If you choose to use the timeshare companies own ‘lawyers’, it is unlikely that you will know where their loyalties lie until it is possibly too late.

A creditable timeshare exit expert will not be affiliated with any timeshare company, this guarantees they are working on your behalf and not in the interest of the company you are looking to exit from.

Do not use a timeshare exit expert if you feel pressured into making a decision or if you think the company are going against your wishes. You should not be forced into accepting any terms that you are not comfortable with.

Using a good timeshare exit expert means that they will be honest with you throughout the process, explain everything in detail, and advise you, based on their extensive knowledge in the timeshare law. What they feel may be the best course of action is ultimately your decision whether you proceed or not. You need to feel comfortable during the whole process and a reputable expert will know and understand that.

With so many companies now advertising their services in the exitrication of timeshare contracts and compensation claims, it can be difficult knowing who is the right company for you. At Timeshare Advice we suggest that you thoroughly research any companies before you go ahead with anything. Any decent company or expert will welcome any questions that you may have, so if you have any niggling doubts, be sure to voice your concerns.

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