Many people have found that they have been mis sold their timeshare. Some people have had their timeshare for years, while others may have only recently purchased their ownership. Either way if you have reason to believe that you were duped into buying your timeshare and signing a contract that may contain illegal clauses, there is something that you can do. If you are looking to exit from your timeshare it is always best to get advice and help from someone who specialises in timeshare, sooner rather than later. The longer you leave it, the higher the chances are that you are and will continue to pay for something that shouldn’t have been sold to you in the beginning.

It has been found that certain clauses within many timeshare contracts have now been deemed illegal, such as perpetual contract, points or paying monies within the 14 day cooling off period. The timeshare law that was put into action in 1998, means that some contracts now go against that law.

Just like many contracts that people sign, timeshare contracts are written in such away that may be confusing and complex. We recommend you always seek professional help if you are looking to find out how you are affected. Someone who specialises in timeshare will have the knowledge and expertise to go through your contract and see if any parts may be considered illegal and null and void. Looking through your contract yourself could mean that you miss things that could turn out to be important.

Another valid reason to use a timeshare specialist is to see if you are eligible to claim compensation. If it is found that your contract cites unlawful or misleading clauses, you may be entitled to compensation and that process should begin as quickly as possible.

Claiming compensation is not an easy process. Your timeshare company are likely to offer all sorts of things in the hopes this will all just go away and you will continue with your maintenance payments. A professional has the ‘know how’ on dealing with these strategies and will assist you through the process.

If it is found that your timeshare company acted outside of the law before, during or after you signed the contract, your contract will need to be nullified.

Nullification and compensation are different things. For your contract to be nullified means that the contract is to be cancelled out and for this to happen the unlawful acts need to identified and fought against.

Compensation is when the timeshare company are ordered to pay you money as an apology for their behavior and recognition of wrongdoing. Again timeshare companies don’t want you doing this so may apply pressure for you to give up. A timeshare specialist is there to represent your best interests in dealing with all of this.

Timeshare companies that find themselves in this situation are unlikely to give up easily so this makes claiming compensation or nullifying the illegal timeshare contract a long, drawn out affair. These companies are hoping that their ‘victims’ are either unaware of the illegalities, can’t be bothered with the fight or aren’t strong enough to challenge them.

Using a good timeshare specialist may speed up this process as they can avoid the strong arm tactics timeshare companies may employ. If you take the risk of ‘going it alone’, especially without understanding the law and having substantial knowledge of the industry, you will possibly fail or fall for the games they play to deter you.

Even when using someone who is fully knowledgeable in all aspects of timeshare and its law can be daunting, but they truly ease the process and help take the pressure off. The sooner you act on this, the sooner you can move on with your life. If left, the timeshare can quickly become a burden. The ongoing maintenance payments can seriously affect your finances, putting pressure on you and your family. Your family will also be affected if your contract has a perpetuity clause, which means that your timeshare will be passed on to your family members if anything were to happen to you.

Call Timeshare Advice on 0800 0124683 to speak to a member of our team if you think that you were mis sold your timeshare, or visit Timeshare Advice will be able to advise you on the best process with regards to your timeshare contract. With their help and guidance, you can rid yourself of timeshare troubles efficiently and without the extra stress of doing it yourself.