The flexibility of timeshare has come on in leaps and bounds since its first inception nearly 50 years ago. No longer a concept dominated by rigid rules, fixed weeks and year-after-year stays at the same spot, timeshare now encompasses endless holiday possibilities.

If you are looking for a unique timeshare holiday, whether as a one-off experience using an exchange company, or for something longer term, here are some interesting and unusual timeshare holiday options that may prove appealing.

Stay at a yurt

A yurt is a type of round canvas tent, and is available to own for those seeking a unique timeshare holiday experience. Although classed as camping, staying in a yurt is far removed from your typical tenting holidays, and no element of ‘slumming it’ is at all required.

In fact, yurts are spacious and luxurious, coming with all the essential mod cons you would expect in a hotel, villa or apartment. The yurts at Shenandoah Crossing in Gordonsville, Virginia, for example, are equipped with kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, heating, air conditioning and flat-screen TVs, and are set in stunning wilderness surroundings.

Sail away

Whilst cruise holidays are becoming a popular way for timeshare owners to take to the seas, an increasing number of companies, such as SmartYacht or SailTime, are selling timeshare that lets you enjoy your own private boat or yacht for a week. With various locations from which to choose, timeshare owners can take to the helm themselves or have an on-board crew do the sailing for them.

Train holidays

If you like the idea of exploring America and Canada by train, you could own a timeshare in a private railroad train, operated by a firm called America’s Trains. Timeshare ownership gives you on-board access to a luxurious private passenger car, and you could even upgrade to enjoy your own personal chef during your journey.

Paradise for a pirate

Live like a pirate on a unique timeshare holiday at Bluebeard’s castle on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. This pirate-inspired resort is nestled in a fortress dating back to the 1600s. Although there is no guarantee of seeing Bluebeard or any other pirate on site today, what is certain is that with this timeshare you can expect stunning views from every angle, as well as great facilities for a relaxed and friendly holiday.

Own a castle

There are not many of us who can afford to buy a castle, but an increasing number of timeshare opportunities are now enabling owners to buy a small slice of a castle for a week each year. Dial An Exchange, for example, lets timeshare owners feel like royalty by taking advantage of an exchange programme to stay at the opulent 18th century Fitzpatrick Castle in the stunning surroundings of Ireland’s Dublin Bay.