There are people who are known for attending timeshare presentations just to walk away with a freebie or two. We’re impartial if you are one of these people, as our job is to simply to keep you informed!

Gifts entice, regardless of whether they are small giveaways or something luxurious. To put it bluntly, timeshare salespeople know that once they have enticed their potential customers with gifts, they’ve got them through the door.

Deep down, they know that the majority have no idea about the sales tactics that they will employ.

It’s a case of survival of the fittest – this may sound a bit Darwinian, but with the constant sales pitches you will be bombarded with – you’ll need to stay strong to withstand the lure of the salespeople.

Timeshare Presentations – Top Tips

Do Your Research

Before the presentation, find out when the busiest times are. Once you’ve selected one of their busiest schedules, you’ve got a huge advantage – the resort will most likely be overbooked or even understaffed, meaning your presentation will be under 90 minutes, and if you look uninterested, the salespeople will most likely move on to the next potential consumer.

Be Stubborn

Before attending timeshare presentations, stress that you will be up front with them and expect the same treatment from the salesperson. Be firm but fair – an idea would be to use the “If I like it, I will get it” approach, which will stop the salesperson from constantly trying to forcing you into something you aren’t comfortable with.

Make sure when you enter the presentation you are armed with an array of reasons why you do not want to buy the timeshare.

The timeshare offer doesn’t interest me as I just want to trade to go to other resorts

• If you have a timeshare already – You prefer your other timeshare better – the salesperson will struggle to haggle with the deal you currently have

• This resort isn’t for me – tell them that the resort doesn’t fit with your current lifestyle, e.g. it’s not very child friendly, lack of activities, etc.

• I have too many bills to pay

• The resort is out of your price range – if the salesperson continues you to offer what looks like a mouth-watering deal, still tell them that you simply can’t afford the deal.

There’s no point trying to be polite with these people by simply submitting to their sales patter. Unless you’re happy to part with a huge amount of money for a less-than-ideal deal, then you’re going to have to go in strong. If you feel that you’re the sort of person who’s easily persuaded, bring along a friend, family member or spouse, who will be the voice of reason should you be tempted.

Be Boring (yes, really!)

One thing you should know about timeshare salespeople is that they are very good at using personal information to their advantage.

A popular technique is that they tell you a story how they know someone from the same town as you. This is a ploy in order to create some common ground with you. Be very forward with them and ask them to continue with their sales talk on the resort.

Another important tip to use during timeshare presentations is to lie about how much you earn. Whatever you do, DO NOT tell them that you have disposable income, otherwise you’ll have a hard time surviving the presentation.

Again, make sure you have a boring persona and don’t give too much away at the presentation.

Keep an Eye on The Time

If you were told 90 minutes – when it gets to 70 minutes into the presentation make sure you tell the salesperson that they have 20 minutes to wrap up the timeshare presentation. Again, don’t be afraid of coming across rude. You want to put them off you, not make friends! Get up and leave when their 90 minutes are up, and don’t enter into conversation about it.

And, should you find yourself saying yes and signing the dotted line, you still have a fourteen-day cooling-off period by law. So, if you change your mind, act sharp about cancelling. Remember: your money is at stake, and if you sign up at one of these high-pressure timeshare presentations, you may find yourself signing up for a whole heap of stress.

If you think you need some advice about your timeshare, whether you wish to exit or not, then get in touch with us. We’ll offer you impartial, expert advice to help you make the right decision for you, without pushing you into anything you’re not comfortable with.