Many people own timeshare and unfortunately, so many of them are unhappy with it. It is possible that there are more unhappy timeshare owners than happy owners. Here at Timeshare Advice we have have heard that many unhappy timeshare owners just plod along with their timeshare due to being unaware or unconvinced that being released from their timeshare is an actual possibility.

Due to the European Directive and the Spanish Supreme court rulings, there are many scenarios where timeshare release is a fairly simple task for your chosen timeshare expert to pursue. It has been found that many timeshare contracts have been nullified as they have contained clauses that now are deemed illegal. There are also cases where claimants that are successful in this process and have gone on to find that they have been eligible for compensation and/or refunds.

We always highly recommend that you seek the advice and assistance from a reputable timeshare expert when looking to get released from timeshare. The most simple of cases can become complicated if you aren’t fully knowledgeable in timeshare law.

Timeshare law states that if you have signed your timeshare agreement after the 4th of January 1999 and the contract contains any of the following clauses, you can possibly take action against your timeshare company to get released from your timeshare and maybe claim compensation as well.

If your contract has no end date or exceeds fifty years in length it is then classed as an ‘in perpetuity contract. This is illegal.

Another illegal clause in a contract is floating weeks and holiday club schemes.

All timeshare contracts should have a 14 day cooling off period. It is illegal for a timeshare company to take any money from you during this time.

There is a very high likelihood of receiving compensation and/or a return of any monies paid, if you fall into the above criteria. If you are someone that paid any money over to the timeshare company during the 14 day cooling off period you may find that you are entitled to double the amount you paid.

There are other possible factors that could mean that your contract may be illegal so call us today on 0800 072 4683 to discuss what you options are.

If your contract is deemed null and void due to the above reasons or any other, timeshare release is granted as a matter of course as a void contract is treated as it never legally existed.

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